Working Hard or Hardly Working?

After a summer of sitting by the pool, traveling, interning, or working, the Alpha Chi girls came back to Tuscaloosa to their grand reunion known as work week. This is the week before formal recruitment that we spend preparing and practicing for rush. They call it work week, but it hardly felt like work. It was full of surprises, impromptu dance parties, and lots and lots of catching up.

 At first the excitement was overwhelming, because we hadn’t seen each other in months and wanted to catch up with everyone all at the same time. It was great seeing the friends we hadn’t seen since May. Being back with everyone felt like no time had passed at all. We could all catch up right where we left off.

Of course, we had a lot of work to get done, but spirits were kept high with themed dress up days, surprises, and planned events. The rush team surprised us with events like piñatas on the porch, karaoke breaks, bowling night, and even a night at the Bama Theatre. We had the whole theatre to ourselves to watch The Greatest Showman, scream the lyrics, and dance through the aisles. We did this all while wearing funny themed outfits. Our themes were team colors, Hawaiian, jersey, and pajama day. Of course the events and dressing up were fun, but the best part of the week was just hanging out with all of the girls in the house.

Work week was a great reminder of the love in our house. Preparing for rush, we reminisced about why we chose to be Alpha Chi’s. Many of us concluded that it was because we felt comfortable and ourselves at Alpha Chi. Work week reflected this feeling, because reuniting with our sorority sisters and coming back to AXO felt like coming home.

Written by: Charlotte Arnold