The New Member Experience

The Alpha Chi Omega New Member program is designed to nurture our new members and support them in their transition to college life. The actives help exhibit the balance between academics and fun to the New Members, showing how easy it is to have a good time while maintaining Alpha Chi and personal standards.

As our mission statement declares: “Alpha Chi Omega is a national women’s organization that enriches the lives of members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning and service”. This all starts with the New Member experience.

Goals of the New Member Program

  • To make every member feel welcome, safe and comfortable in her new home, away from home. The Alpha Chi Omega house is not only a haven for our members, but more importantly, it is a place where you can find encouraging, supportive, and lighthearted sisters.
  • Aid every new member in establishing and supporting the study skills and practices necessary to insure academic success. New members are required to attend study hall each week; and participate in supervised study hall hours after the weekly New Member meeting with the VP of New Member Education and VP of Intellectual Development.
  • Socially promote and provide new members with many opportunities for themed, formal, or fraternity parties. In addition to these parties, our VP Membership Programming schedules sisterhood events such as calligraphy classes, renting out a local movie theater for movie night, skate night, or pool parties, each semester.
  • Teach the new members the history, traditions, and ideals of Alpha Chi Omega. We have a proud tradition of excellence and we want all of our members to share and continue this legacy.
  • Enhance personal development through informational formats to hone and refine decision-making skills so that each new member becomes more responsible and independent.
  • Create a platform for new members to forge strong and loyal friendships, and make lasting memories in this lifelong sisterhood!

The New Member Retreat

On Bid Day, all of the new members of the Alpha Upsilon chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, along with executive board members and advisors, will go on a two-day retreat. At this retreat, they begin to navigate friends in their new pledge class, learn what to expect in the coming months, and have lots of free time to relax after Formal Recruitment Week. In years past, the New Member Retreat was held at Ross Bridge Resort in Birmingham, Alabama. The venue for this year’s New Member retreat will be revealed on Bid Day.