Recruitment Week 2018

The roar of the Alpha Chi Omega door song was REAL, on August 11, 2018, warmly welcoming the 2018 recruitment class. At The University of Alabama, rush is a set-apart week that comes and goes, oh-so-quickly, year to year. It’s so special in the sense that over 2,000 young women are introduced to their first glimpse of campus culture, here at The Capstone. Not only does this week empower young women to flourish their communication skills and network, but it also serves as an incredible platform in which life-long friendships are established!

The women of Alpha Chi prepare year round, eager to connect with every potential new member and make them feel extra loved as they begin their collegiate journey. Every intricate detail, from floral arrangement to the room’s lighting, is intentional in showcasing the sweet, fierce essence of this house.

Ice Water Tea’s kicked off the week, as every single PNM visited our house within two days!! Meaningful and fun-filled chatter overflowed throughout the house. Again, over 2,000 young women were met and fully known within that quick time frame. Some may say, “#bless”.

Moving on, it was time for Philanthropy round, where we could focus on our advocacy for Domestic Violence Awareness. Anslee Berry, Alpha Chi’s Vice President of Philanthropy, eloquently covered our mission to advocate for women’s self-worth.

Sisterhood round was a whirlwind of dance, laughter, and genuine heart to heart’s. We invited the girls to our own “garden roof-top party”. It was every bit of classy and sassy.

We blinked and the day that we had all been waiting for was here, Pref. Each party was comprised of sincerity, authenticity, and all-the-emotions. Conversations led to decisions, and our 2018 Pledge Class was in the making.

Written by: Audrey Ferguson