Only the BID will do!

Alpha Chi’s bid day was full of energy and anticipation for the new member class to run home! From the breakfast buffet, reading off the bid list, pairing of bid day bigs and littles, to taking dozens of zaps and class pictures, the morning was buzzing, and there was not a moment to sit still. The whole house was giddy after finding out our favorite girls from the week would soon be Alpha Chi’s too.

“After hearing the bid list, I was filled with excitement and expectation for this upcoming year, and I couldn’t wait to share that excitement with them! Throughout rush, we all have “our girls” that we want, and after hearing my girl’s name, Kyndal Oden, it almost brought me to tears!”—Bradley Plott, PC 17

“After hearing the bid day list, I was overcome with a rush of excitement and relief. I was so excited to finally see our hard work throughout rush pay off when my little ran home to me.”—Shelby Hatchett, PC 17

As active members sat in at the house, our new member class was sitting eagerly in the stadium, waiting to rip open their bids and find out they were running home to Alpha Chi.

The morning went by swiftly, and before we knew it, it was two o’clock, and we were moments away from having our new girls run home. We gathered on the lawn, and as soon as we saw the new member class rounding the corner of Bryant-Denny, all their bid day signs shot in the air. When we saw our girls running towards us, we couldn’t help but jump and scream. Helping the new girls put on their bid day jersey and hats made the long two weeks all worth it.

“Excited is an understatement when I ripped open my bid and ran home to my new sisters! I had dreamt of the day for so long and was ecstatic to see Alpha Chi Omega on the bid because of how genuine and accepting all the girls were in that house. I knew that is the lawn I wanted to be at on bid day!”—Anna Beth Payne, PC 18.

“From chanting Alpha Chi with a hundred strangers in Bryant-Denny, to being shoved in pictures with girls I had never met before, it was all just so exciting and new! I was so happy and grateful to be running home to Alpha Chi.”— Maggie Gibson, PC 18.

Hundreds of pictures and a new member zaps later, the sophomores took the new members inside the house for the first time as Alpha Chi Omega’s. Steel City Pops treated us to popsicles, and soon sophomores were sweeping the new members out and back to their rooms to speedily pack for their new member retreat. Sending off the new members to the busses felt like sending them off for the first day of school. Everyone was proud to have the new member class all together, and we couldn’t wait to see all the friendships formed at the end of the weekend.

Our rush chairs, Caroline Patterson and Allison Stumpf, worked the hardest to help us get the greatest new member class. They were finally able to take a deep breath of relief after they saw their hard work pay off. Caroline and Allison started planning last fall, and the amount of love and dedication they put into their positions encouraged the whole house to mirror that in our actions throughout the week. Having Allison and Caroline as our number one supporters made the past two weeks not only fun, but something to look forward to.

“The night before bid day, I woke up from excitement and it kept me up for hours that night. I had just spent the past year looking at resumes and recommendations of each potential new member, and we were finally going to get the pledge class that would leave a legacy for Alpha Chi Omega in the years to follow. I was filled with joy and confidence in knowing that each girl would be an incredible leader, a helping hand, a caring friend, and a member to guide the future new members of Alpha Chi. I have the utmost confidence in the new member pledge, and I am so incredibly excited to see how they they lead our house to keep us the very best. I love you NM class ‘18!”—Carol Patterson PC 15.

“Bid day for me exceeded all of my expectations. When I watched the 111 new members run towards me from Bryant Denny Stadium chanting “Alpha Chi! Alpha Chi!”, I could not contain my excitement. These were the girls that I had spent countless hours working and planning for and I could not wait to just hang out with and get to know each and every one of them. Alpha Chi is where I found my home and best friends here at Alabama, and as I ran to the Alpha Chi house with these girls for their first time, I could not stop thinking about the incredible friendships and memories they would make here for the next four years. I am so thankful that I got to play such an important role in their journey to choosing Alpha Chi, and I know that, like myself, they will soon realize that this choice was one of the best decisions will ever make.”—Allison Stumpf PC 15.

All girls in our chapter will agree that bid day is one of the happiest days of the whole year. Without a doubt, all the girls at Alpha Chi have flourished into the best versions of themselves with the guidance of sisters. Alpha Chi has impacted each girl individually, and we have all been changed for the better.

Here’s to the legacy of Alpha Chi Omega and all the brilliant new member classes to come.

Written by: Lacey Beasley