Our members hold leadership positions within many on-campus organizations. Here are some of the organizations our members are involved in:


Brittany Warren – Homecoming Committee, Community Service

Carlyle Ascik – Homecoming Development Director

Caroline Mills – Homecoming Committee, Communications

Caroline Stallings – Engineering Senator

Emily Risher – Judicial Board, Counselor & Executive Committee Chair

Hannah George – Homecoming Committee, Paint the Town Red

Kelsey Montgomery – Judicial Board, Associate Justice

Lauren Compton – Arts & Sciences Senator

Lauren Forrest – Executive VP

Maddie Sanders – Judicial Board, Associate Justice 

Megan Wingbermuehle – Secretary of Senate

Nicole Bracey – Homecoming Committee, Bon Fire & Pep Rally

Public Relations Student Society of America:

Bitsy Seethaler

Carlyle Ascik

Caroline Wigley

Freshman Forum:

Anna Lee Cook

Hannah Oliver

Kelli Bonick

Mary Catherine Beggs

Molly Lukas

Capstone Agency:

Audrey Ferguson

Bitsy Seethaler

Carlyle Ascik

Caroline Wigley

Carsen Rooney

Lauren Forrest

Greek Ambassadors:

Catherine Pittman

Courtney Sager

Grace Dunbar

Kelsey McCaul

Student Recruitment Team:

Alex Griffin

Jai Hendricks

Jordan Axel

Martha Groninger – New Member Chair

Rhea Thorton

Tatum Madden

Blackburn Institute:

Megan Wingbermuehle

Mollie Wade

First Year Council:

Anna Lee Cook

Caitlyn Johnson

Kate Thompson

Molly Lukas

Sydney Vie

University of Alabama Dance Marathon:

Allie Houk

Brittany Warren

Brooke Randall

Hillary Melton

Kaley Capehart

Katy Ann Thaxton

Mimi Taylor

Mollie Wade

Molly Edmondson

Nicole Bracey – Director

AL’s Pals:

Abby Townson

Marissa Brogan

Payti Harrison

Cate Hodges