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Exec Spotlight: Carrie Westmoreland

Vice President of Risk Management

Hometown: Columbus, MS

Major: Nursing

What is the most rewarding part of your position?

“I would say getting everything together for date parties and keeping everyone safe. It’s definitely very rewarding to see people after the date party say they had so much fun and thank you because they felt safe. Everyone gets to have fun but still stay safe!”

Toughest part?

“For me, I feel like it’s the big responsibility and the difficulty to get everyone on board with new rules. It’s really hard being responsible for 400+ girls, especially at date parties and events like that. Everyone has a different opinion and different way of looking at things, which is great, but it can also sometimes make it hard implementing rules, especially when I have to tell girls my age and older than me what to do and what not to do. Rules have changed and everyone is used to doing something the same way in the past, and some people really don’t like change.”

What’s been your favorite memory from Alpha Chi?

“All the swaps freshman year were so much fun! I feel like that’s where you meet so many new people. I even loved coming to the house before and taking pictures with our costumes on. I honestly enjoyed that more than actually going to the swaps sometimes!”

Who is someone you look up to within the chapter?

“There are so many! I would say Brianna Norwood. I didn’t know her freshman or sophomore year, but I met her during rush when she was rush chair. I then got involved with Capstone

International Ministry last semester, and she really pushed me to join. I didn’t want to because it was out of my comfort zone, but she was super encouraging. That’s something I benefited from so much, and I got really close to her through that. She is always willing to sit and talk with you no matter what you are going through, even if she knows you or not. She’s definitely been a light in this house, and not even just within the house, but just as a great person. It’s great to see her now engaged and going into her life!”

Who was your first Alpha Chi friend and how did y’all meet?

“I actually met my first Alpha Chi friend in my Rho Chi Group, Caroline Wells, and I remember during rush thinking this girl is so great and hoping we went to the same sorority. I remember after Pref, we both walked out of Alpha Chi and just looked at each other and started crying. We said, ‘I think I want to be a Alpha Chi!’ and on Bid Day, we ran to the house together! It’s been really cool to see how we met each other before we were even Alpha Chis and now how much closer we’ve grown. We are still in the same friend group, and it’s only grown. I always looks back and think, ‘How did I do life without these people before I came to college?’”

Favorite Quote?

“My mom always says, ‘Always remember who you are and whose you are,’ and my dad always says, ‘It is what it is,’ which is a Nick Saban quote. My dad’s quote reminds me that everything happens for a reason, and my mom’s quote reminds me that you always represent more than just yourself in everything you do.”

Fun Fact? Something fun you’ve done? Talent? Place you’ve been?

“I love to travel. I’ve gone on a lot of mission trips. I went on my first when I was nine years old to Peru. My dad is a church planner, so I’ve gone on a mission trip pretty much every year. I’ve been to Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Tanzania, Africa, and China. That’s a big reason why I became a nursing major because a lot of those trips were medical mission trips, and a lot of nursing students go on those trips, so I got to know them through that. I thought it was so cool to make missions your medical field and care for other people.”

Written By: Lacey Beasley