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AXO Around the Globe: Norwegian Escape

We all know that the last couple weeks of the semester can be the most stressful, especially when it comes to finals, move out days, and the start of summer classes quickly approaching. It’s no wonder that when the day comes for the long awaited summer vacation to begin that we are all itching to get away! One of our members, rising junior, Kaytlyn Carlson did just that. Keep reading to hear more about how Kaytlyn started off her summer!

Kaytlyn traveled to Norway to get some much needed downtime and visit with her family who is originally from the area. She describes the culture and lifestyle of Norway as being a bit different than what she is used to as a college student here in America. In Norway, life moves at a slower pace. Kaytlyn describes it as “There’s time for just taking a breath and focusing on nothing else but being happy.” Because things are very laid back and slow-paced, she says that there are hardly any places to get fast food. “Many of the meals that my family shared were picnics together outdoors.” 

In addition to taking the time to relax with her family, Kaytlyn also had the chance to explore and sightsee all around the country. She was able to hike a glacier and experience the Norway summer, where it never gets completely dark!

We love to see our members resting up and having fun-filled summers! Only a couple of months until we’re all back together to welcome our new members!

Written by: Mollie Wade