History of Alpha Upsilon

The University of Alabama opened in 1831 and was destroyed in 1865 by Civil War federal troops. The campus was rebuilt and classes resumed in 1869, with women admitted in 1901. A “Greater University” million dollar expansion was carried out in 1922, just prior to the arrival of Alpha Chi Omega on campus. The Alpha Upsilon chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was chartered on the University of Alabama campus on September 9, 1924. The 8 charter members and 3 charter pledges of Alpha Chi Omega were welcomed to Alabama with an afternoon reception at the old Tutwiler Hall and an installation banquet.

 The Alpha Chi Omega House

Since occupying their first simple clapboard home, affectionately known as “the white house” in 1927, the corner of 801 Colonial Drive has been home to the chapter. The original chapter house was replaced by a red brick structure, which served the chapter from 1958-2013. In 2014, after a year of temporary housing at 923 Magnolia Drive, the chapter came home to a magnificent new sorority house at its beloved location.

 National Distinction

Alpha Upsilon is recognized by our national organization as one of the strongest and most outstanding chapters in the nation. We have received numerous national honors and awards, including several National Council Trophies. We have also been recognized with awards in program areas, such as Outstanding Parent and Alumnae Relations.

 Campus Distinction

The Alpha Upsilon chapter has enjoyed a long tradition of excellence on the University of Alabama campus. Our chapter has received the Robert Witt Award of Excellence, which is given annually to the top Greek organization on campus based on academic achievement, community relations, member development, leadership, and campus and philanthropic involvement. In the past we have received many awards from the Order of Omega including Most Outstanding Sorority, Most Outstanding Member for each academic class, and Most Outstanding Chapter Advisor.

Alpha Upsilon has had the highest grade point average for almost every semester over the past 28 years. Our members represent us in prestigious campus organizations and Alpha Upsilon is always well represented on Honors Day at the University of Alabama.

Once young women join Alpha Upsilon, they rarely leave. We have one of the best retention rates on campus, and we usually initiate 100% of our new member class.  This is because we strive to make each sister feel special and feel important within our chapter. There are many reasons for the high retention rate of our members: The members themselves; the warm, inviting, comfortable, beautiful house we get to call “home”; being a part of an elite organization that is respected on campus and beyond; getting to take advantage of a program (“The Alpha Chi Omega Experience”) that prepares members socially, academically, and personally.

The open motto of Alpha Chi Omega, “Together let us seek the heights,” definitely defines the Alpha Upsilon Chapter at the University of Alabama.  We are constantly working to be the best we can be in every phase of college life.