A Farewell to our Seniors

At the Alpha Chi house, we like to consider ourselves one big family. We laugh together, we eat our meals together and we experience the crazy ride of college together. Most importantly, we love one another as if we really are sisters. You can walk into the house at any time and you will be hard-pressed not to find a smiling, familiar face ready to share all of your sorrows and joy.

Unfortunately, May inevitably comes around each year, and we are forced to say goodbye to a part of our family, as they graduate and head off into the world, ready to accomplish amazing things. As we get back into the swing of finals and classes start winding down, it’s once again that bittersweet time of year. I talked to some seniors to get a bit of insight on their post-graduation plans and what they will miss most about Alpha Chi Omega. Here’s what they had to say.

If you could go back to freshman year and give yourself one piece of advice, knowing what you know now, what would that be?

“I would tell myself to never pass up on an opportunity to hang out with the important people in your life. It might seem like that super hard test or that big project is the only thing that matters at the time, but I promise it will be much more worth it to spend time with your friends. Take the time to go get ice cream, take a ride around town, watch a movie, or squeeze onto a couch and catch up on life. Make the memories that will last you a lifetime, and the homework and books will still be there when you come back. Yes, school is important, but the friendships that you will form here are much more important than that A+.”

– Morgan Swaim | Major: Nursing | Hometown: Jackson, TN

“I think my piece of advice would be to enjoy the little things because they mean the most to you in the end. I remember conversations with friends more than what grade I made on one bio test. Eating ice cream on the quad was more meaningful to me compared to how long I studied for tests. The little things turn into the big things by the end of your 4 years. The beauty of the campus, laughs at the dinner table, and being together with all my friends has made the biggest mark on my heart here at Bama! So, while going to get tacos may seem trivial or waste of time, it’s the little moment in a drive thru that may stick with you forever. Invest in the little things!”

– Mollie Shealy | Major: Communicative Disorders | Hometown: Birmingham, AL

What are your post graduate plans?

“My post graduation plans are to teach back at home. I absolutely cannot wait to have my own classroom and am eager for this next chapter of my life!”

-Riley Gordon | Major: Elementary Education | Hometown: Huntsville, AL


“I’m working for Goldman Sachs in Dallas (once I graduate).”

-Nicole Swisher | Major: Math & Finance | Hometown: Dallas, TX

“I will be going back to Florence and working until January, and then I will hopefully be starting physical therapy school either in Tennessee or North Carolina!”

– Shelby Huckaba | Major: Exercise Sports Science | Hometown: Florence, AL

“Post-college, I will be attending the University of Virginia School of Law in Charlottesville, VA with the intention of returning to Birmingham, AL once I finish my J.D. Degree at UVA. I am most excited about having the opportunity to meet people from across the globe in my law classes, as well as participate in the local UVA traditions such as the Foxfield Races.”

-Emily Risher | Major: Accounting | Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA


“I’m going to be a football intern at Creative Artists Agency in Memphis, TN.”

-Stasia Foster | Major: Public Relations | Hometown: Manor, TX

Who has had the biggest positive influence on you during your time here?

“Honestly everyone in my pledge class. It may sound cliché, but each and every girl offers something different and valuable to this sorority, as well as our world. I am so thankful that I have gotten to know each one of them and share stories, successes, and even hard times during these past four years. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for everybody– I truly am going to miss everybody so much!”

-Riley Gordon | Major: Elementary Education | Hometown: Huntsville, AL

“I would have to say there are two groups of girls that have had positive influences on my time here. The first group is the 2017 Executive Board. We went through a lot together, and I always knew I had their support during the challenges that we faced. I learned a lot and gained some new best friends too! The other group that has had a positive influence during my time here is my tribe. These are my best friends. They are loyal, driven, intelligent, and so much fun! College would not have been the same without them! I’m so sad that we will all be in different places next year, but I can’t wait to see what the future holds for everyone.”

-Caroline Reinhardt | Major: Communicative Disorders- Speech Language Pathology | Hometown: Kingwood, TX

What is your favorite memory from being in Alpha Chi?

“Senior year by far. It’s just fun! Senior year is different from every other year of college. As a senior, you have four years’ experience. Four years to figure out how life works and what your contribution to life is going to be. Four years to discover who you are. Four years of your highest highs and your lowest lows. You have your friends to back you up and to keep you in check. Senior year is the year it all makes sense. Some of the highlights from this year include being 21, the football opener in Atlanta, New Year’s Eve in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, living in-house on the same hall as all my friends, Friday morning tennis with my roommate Morgan, and Fridays in the north den.”

-Elizabeth Swartz | Major: Advertising | Hometown: Ballwin, MO

“My favorite memory from Alpha Chi has been living in the house this year. I have loved more than anything being constantly surrounded by all my best friends, and it has made senior year the best one yet!”

-Nicole Swisher | Major: Math & Finance | Hometown: Dallas, TX

“I have so many amazing memories from these past four years in Alpha Chi, but my favorite would have to be my bid day. The little girl running in the picture (holding hands with a stranger that turned out to be Alex Grady) had no idea what was in store for her, and I think that’s what made my experience so much fun. It’s super cheesy, but you can’t plan anything about your college experience and bid day was only the start of so many new things. You learn everything worth knowing, and you experience everything worth experiencing your first year. So, I’m super thankful I ran to Alpha Chi on bid day, so I could continue to make all of the amazing memories that I was able to and be surrounded by girls that are unbelievably loving, funny, hardworking, inspiring, encouraging, etc. #blessedbybidday”

-Stasia Foster | Major: Public Relations| Hometown: Manor, TX

It’s safe to say that nothing will be able to replace the friendship and love of the graduating seniors, but we couldn’t be more excited for them to take on the world and accomplish everything they have been working so hard to achieve! To our seniors, there will forever be a place for you in the Alpha Chi house.  Congratulations seniors, we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you, and as always, Roll Tide!

Written By: Hannah Taylor