Security Guard, Best Friend, or Pro Football Star? We’ll Take All Three Please!

Here at Alpha Chi Omega, we love our staff. They feel like part of the family. One member who has especially left his impact on us is fondly known as Chuck. Chuck is our security guard who patrols the house at night. He can usually be found sitting at his favorite table in the front of the dining room, however, he is rarely found sitting alone. There are always girls sitting and chatting with him. Not only does he provide a sense of security, but also a sense of friendship, to in-house and out-of-house girls alike. Chuck is always there to listen whenever we need a friend to talk to, a good laugh, or simply some company while we’re up studying.

That is why it is so bittersweet that Chuck is leaving AXO this summer. We are sad to see him go, but we are so excited and proud that he is heading to play professional football for the Edmonton Eskimos in Canada!

Emilee Jones, our VP of Facility Operations, and the girls of Alpha Chi wanted to show Chuck how much he means to us, so we threw him a surprise party! Before he arrived for his shift, we closed the blinds and did some of his other nightly duties, so that he could enjoy his last night hanging out with us. When he walked through the door, we jumped out and yelled ”Surprise,” and his face said it all. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out and eating cupcakes in Edmonton Eskimo’s colors: green and gold.

Nicole Swisher, senior, spoke to us about her personal experience with Chuck: “Getting to know Chuck has been one of my favorite parts of senior year. He is the best friend and listener, and I can’t imagine Alpha Chi without him.”

We will all miss Chuck so much. Despite his big, intimidating appearance, he is the sweetest and most approachable man. No matter who you were, Senior or Freshman, there was always a spot open for you at Chuck’s table.

Chuck, we wish you well. Don’t forget us,  AND GO ESKIMOS!!!

Written By: Charlotte Arnold